Sunday, November 16, 2008

I've Been Burglarized!!!

Saturday started off great. I spent 3 hours and $300 in Target doing some retail therapy (breaks down to $100/hour for the mathematically challenged). Then spent the next 3 1/2 hours attempting to put up the fancy new shelves I bought for my bathroom on this unnecessary shopping spree of mine. However, after all that time the only things I accomplished were making too many nail holes in my wall and pissing off my neighbors. I made myself a salad then out the door to the station for our dry run show that evening. Btw (by the way- for the not so internet savvy), I forgot the wine on my way out and ran back up 3 flights of stairs because god forbid we actually do a show without alcohol.

(my new lop sided shelves)

The show was a lot of fun and we had all sorts of people hanging out and drinking, including our bosses. Radio might be the best job in the world for that reason alone. I felt excited and so pumped to be behind a mic (microphone) again so I could only of imagined how it felt for Wease being back on after all that time off. He was great!

2 hours and 4 bottles of wine later it was time for the after party for what else, more wine. We all walked outside to get into our seperate cars. However, it's kind of difficult to get into your car when there's shattered glass all over your seat and so much harder to find this ultra fancy club hidden in some alleyway when your GPS (Global Positioning System) has been stolen. Yes, I was burglarized! Not only was I robbed, but 911 rudely hung up on me. Now, I may have been yelling out things that some people might find offensive or even racist, but I WAS BURGLARIZED! What wasn't he understanding?

It was very interesting to me that everything worth any value in my car was taken, even the $0.87 in change I had in my cup holder, yet my iPod was left. I didn't know if I was happy about that or not because as Mrs. Wease (Doreen) pointed out, I must have had sh%# songs on it. Then I got kinda angry going through my iPod trying to figure out what songs didn't make the burglars cut. I bet it was all the Mariah Carey I had.

(everything gone but my ipod)

After standing around in the West New York warm weather (sarcasm) so long that my buzz was wearing off, we decided to just leave because apparently Rochester police do not show up to crime scenes. The Rochester PD might actually have better jobs then us radio folk. Jamie Lissow cleaned off the glass from my seat and put a towel down for me to sit on (such a sweet boy) then we all headed over to One Lounge. Imagine the horror on the valet's face when he saw my jeep with 3 windows pull up. I just screamed "I'VE BEEN BURGLARIZED" at him and I think he understood. I swear, if it weren't for the warm fuzzy feeling I got from all the wine I probably would have broke down in tears, but I didn't. Instead, I actually had the funnest and most memorable night in Rochester.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Wikipedia Deems Me Insignificant

I was messing around on the world wide web this evening when I decided to google Brother Wease to see if there was any mention of yours truly. I ended up on his wikipedia page then noticed my name in the article with a link. Excited by what my eyes were seeing, I clicked on to the link. In hind site, that was probably not the best idea because this is what came up...

This page has been deleted. The deletion log for the page is provided below for reference.
11:26, 20 October 2008
Stifle (Talk contribs) deleted "Lilly Hisenaj" ‎ (A7 (bio): Doesn't indicate importance or significance of a real person.

Wow, way to put it in perspective wikipedia. I now regret donating that whopping $5 to keep their oh so significant site running.

My Latest Obsession

Determined to update my blog more regularly than Jamie Lissow’s, I want to share with you guys my latest obsession. It all started this past spring when I would walk the streets of New York City and plastered on every bus, billboard and building I would see ads like this…

Hot, right? Well, being the pervert that I am, I just had to tune in and see for myself what this Gossip Girl was all about, and boy was I in for a treat. Serena slept with her best friend Blair’s boyfriend after a whorish drunken night, Blair is sleeping with her boyfriend’s best friend, Chuck, in the back of limos among other places, and Chuck is sleeping with, well, everyone. Naturally, I was hooked.

The show is about nothing other than rich Upper East Side high school kids who have too much money and free time, get drunk, sleep with each other and plot to destroy the less privileged. Basically, it’s a formula for the greatest show ever. Disappointed that I missed almost all episodes in season one, I ran out and bought the entire first season on DVD immediately. I got a good deal too, god bless target!

I realized it was an obsession when my birthday fell on a Monday this year and instead of going out to party like a normal 20-something, I decided to stay in. Now, I may have told people I was too tired to go out, but the truth is Gossip Girl was on and it was a good one so seriously, stop judging me. Instead I’d like for you all to go home, set your DVR’s to record this amazing show and once our website is high tech enough to leave comments on this blog, you can then thank me for turning you on to this nasty goodness. At the very least, just watch for the evilness that is Chuck Bass. The rich playboy incapable of commitment who banged every hot chick in Manhattan. Yea, I don’t have a type or anything. Enjoy!

Moving to Rochester

I pictured it a bit differently. I thought I would get to have my Mary Tyler Moore moment where I’d twirl around in slow motion, toss my black & blue beret and throw all caution to the wind to let all of Rochester know I finally arrived, but in reality…yea, not so much.

Instead my first week here in Rochester has been less than stellar. I assume it’s because I have no friends, no family, no pet and no one to wake up to in the morning. As well as, no car, no cable, no internet, essentially no interaction with the real world. I explored the two block radius near and around the apartment building/retirement community I’m living in for about the first 5 days, only to discover the one thing in walking distance was the local Wegman’s- which is the most amazing supermarket on the planet, but is no help to a girl in desperate need of a manicure.

Thank god for my girls to help me through this difficult time though. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda…Yes, I watched the ENTIRE six seasons of Sex and the City back to back. Still gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that those two crazy kids, Carrie and Big, found a way to work it out. *sigh*

Maybe happy endings do exist, and maybe I’ll find mine in Rochester. Either way, I look forward to week two and also getting that much needed manicure. In the meantime, during these tough transitional periods I find myself wondering, what would Mary Tyler Moore do? Yea, sure she had a way better wardrobe and better hair then me, but I’ve got something MTM never had… my own blog!